In the entire Creation, Man alone is endowed with Choice to explore his potential, elevate his performance, and live a life of purpose

ATMA offers effective empowerment intervention creating rich Attitude in the individual, enabling the utilization of the abundant Abilities in oneself for Vision Oriented Living with Value-based Choices.


ATMA Performance coaching is a one to one mentoring programme with C K Suresh for leaders,
professionals and performers from different walks of life. It involves vision clarification and
personalised guidance to invoke the best in oneself.

Why performance coaching??

As we ascend the ladder of success in life, along with the lime light come greater responsibilities and expectations. It helps to have an expert mentor who can traverse the extra
miles with us.


What I think of myself ( my image)

What others think of me ( others image)

What I really am ( real self)

To increase our performance, what we need is to integrate these three aspects and expand the area of overlap.

Performance coaching with C K Suresh helps you achieve this integration through Exposure, Feedback, and Self Awareness. His expert guidance using the unique 7P framework helps you

  • to plan and gain optimum exposure,
  • to position oneself so as to get the right feedback and to respond positively to it
  • to gain greater self awareness

Most importantly these sessions helps value clarification and define your purpose, towards which you can effectively channelise your newly gained resources.


ATMA Public Speaking Workshops and Seminars are unique because we address not just the skill but also the real person, his self image, his attitude and his sense of purpose. This holistic approach transforms you into a powerful orator with sensibility, sensitivity, sincerity and spontaneity.


In a time where the demands of education and career are incessant, dynamism and talent alone are not enough. Accurate expression of your ideas and emotions is significant in career as well as in social and family life. ATMA presentation skills’ training helps you identify your strength areas and equips you with new age skills and confidence, enabling you to express yourself creatively and convincingly.


ATMA stress handling workshops go beyond techniques and address stress at the cause level. Through effective attitude and perceptual shifts, we enable the individual to root out stress from the source.


ATMA conducts residential retreats on a regular basis for people of all age groups. These camps involve a beautiful blend of pratical learning with fun and relaxation. Contact us for details of upcoming programmes .


Transactional Analysis is a structured practical philosophy of understanding self and others, resulting in improved relationships and more effective transactions.