ATMA FOUNDATION – A Social Responsibility Initiative

ATMA Foundation was created in 2006 by Mr C K Suresh, Director, ATMA, as a forum to assist people to lead happier lives with healthier relationships. A social activist by passion, C K Suresh had spent much of his initial years working with urban Indian youth, organizing programmes to combat the ill effects of new-gen psycho-social stressors, especially the increasing suicidal tendencies among the said population, through holistic individual empowerment. From the campaign feedbacks and counseling interactions, he realized that the root cause of all the social negativities among youth was the lack of love and healthy relationships. The value erosion and disintegration that have crept into the Indian Family system were depriving the youngsters of much needed developmental support, driving them to self destructive options like crime, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, running away from home etc. His concern for the community and his intense urge to find holistic solutions gave shape to ATMA Foundation, which has now grown into a synergic team of committed volunteers. In the last 10 years, ATMA has engaged in empowering people across different age groups and socio-economic backgrounds, and trained volunteers who are empowered with the necessary skill sets and driven by compassion to serve their brethren in need.



In the 9 years since our inception in 2006, ATMA has organized over 1016 programmes – campaigns, training workshops & camps for Families, Parents, women, youth, adolescents and children, special workshops for Teacher Empowerment, etc- benefitting more than 1,69,000 families (till 31st March 2015). All our programmes have had a very good participation of public and dignitaries.

Our Regular Activities

i) Guidance & Counselling – Free Harmony Counselling, Counselling Training, Empowerment & Compassion Process Labs, Yoga Therapy, etc. for the last 15 years.

ii) Empowerment Initiatives: Workshops, Seminars & Camps for empowerment of Teachers, Parents, Youth, Adolescents, Children & Social Workers. So far Over 400 programmes.

iii) Volunteer Development & Team Building – Family Betterment sessions, workshops, EC Groups, TA groups, etc.

iv) Community Health Initiatives- Medical Camps & Awareness Campaigns


i) ATMA Gurukulam: Residential Care Home for destitute girls, with special focus on their education & overall development. (Reg No: 2289, Board of Control for Orphanages & other charitable Homes, Kerala)

ii) ATMA CADC – Child & Adolescent Development Centre – A one-stop centre for children & adolescents who need Counselling & Remediation – integrating the professional expertise of psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, LD remediator, Yoga Trainer, etc.

iii) ATMA Yoga Peetam – Yoga Therapy & Training centre

iv) ATMA Kalakshetram: Popularising Music & Dance for harmonious living – providing training to children and elders, organizing performances.

Major Campaigns

i) Living in Harmony Public Seminars – 3 to 5 day seminar series for happy living with healthier relationships

ii) WE CARE – Social awareness campaigns, residential & nonresidential workshops for children, life guidance sessions for adolescents, training for teachers and parents.

iii) Saha Dharmam Chara – Premarital Training & Post Marital Guidance Workshops

iv) Problems to Possibilities- Seminar series to empower adolescents to harness their possibilities to overcome problems of their age – workshops and camps for students, parents, teachers.


We plan to integrate and expand our existing projects under a single umbrella – The ATMA Harmony Village, a model social service centre, where service will be the way of life. It will consist
of homes for destitute children, youth, senior citizens and young mothers, along with a community development facilitation centre, skill development centre, harmony counseling centre,
marital guidance centre, Kalakshetram, Yoga Peetam, AYUSH (Health) Centre, Centre for Adolescent Mental Health, School of Social Work, Community Radio, Environment Centre, etc. The
campus will also have retirement homes for senior citizens, where they can live in happiness, hope and purposeful service. The energy and activity of the Harmony Village will engage them
physically, emotionally and spiritually, and can contribute their wisdom and experience for the service activities. We are urgently seeking to mobilize resources to acquire land and other
infrastructure for this proposed ATMA Harmony Village.

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