The ATMA Approach for Happy Living with Healthy Relationships

Living in Harmony is a practical philosophy of Vision Oriented Value Based Successful Living through Effective Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Integration

Living in Harmony scientifically analyses the complex individual and his complicated interactions and simplifies them, leading to intrapersonal and interpersonal Harmony. This enables Right Responses, Good Relationships, Positive Attitude and thereby Effective Living. The six pillars of this philosophy are:

  • Awareness
  • Options
  • Here & Now
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility


Only a peaceful mind can generate positive options and creative solutions. Amidst the daily
stress and strifes of corporate life it is essential to be in touch with the source of happiness and peace within. ATMA Harmony Meditation helps to maintain this Connect.

It is not a religious ritual – it is a journey towards self actualisation acceptable to all.

  • Process: Breathing Excercises, Physical Harmony & Relaxation with Musical / Rhythmic background
  • Benefits: Sharper Focus, Balanced decision making, enhanced creativity, Pleasant Attitude, Better Interactions.


Living Harmony Corporate labs for Holisitic corporate solutions

The objective is to empower the person, so that he can fulfill his roles at his work place better.

The contents and processes are based on the ATMA philosophy of Living in Harmony, with an effective blend of concepts and techniques ranging from Yoga & Meditation to Modern Management, TA & NLP.

The modules are freshly designed for every organization, to meet specific needs and objectives.

Many Needs – One Programme

LIH Corp integrates the multifaceted training needs of an organization into a single programme.

Contents Self Management Strategies, Role v/s Person Clarity, Clarity in Perceptual Positions, Ability for Perceptual Shifts, Awareness management, Emotional management, Sensibility & Sensitivity, Clear understanding of Intimacy, Inter personal integration, Response management
Participants also learn Owning up responsibility for ones happiness, Changing personal history, Celebrating personal relations, Creating Family harmony and much more
Benefits Enhanced Employee Performance with regard to: Stress Management, Time Management, Customer Relations, Lateral Thinking , Problem Solving , Engagement Levels, Commitment to organizational Goals
The Organisation gains Highly Engaged Teams, A Committed Workforce, Energised Workplace Environment Greater Productivity, Better Results!!

No more need for a host of specialized training sessions for each aspect! LIH Corp takes care of
every need!!


Residential Camp

ATMA conducts residential retreats on a regular basis for people of all age groups. These camps involve a beautiful blend of pratical learning with fun and relaxation. Contact us for details of upcoming programmes .


Experiential group learning programme to develop Empowered and Compassionate Individuals. 15 full day sessions over the duration of one year.


3- day workshops on Basic Relationship Counselling Skills with Special Focus on Adolescence Guidance

Harmony Counselling is a unique approach developed by C K Suresh, who is an experienced and
expert counselor. Here labeling is avoided and the counselee is empowered to identify his needs and achieve them on his own.

ATMA believes that only empowered individuals can truly help others. Therefore ATMA Harmony Counselling training focuses on enhancing the strength of the individual as a pre- requisite to effective counselling skill learning.

The workshops are conducted for teachers, helping professionals and really interested parents


  • Understanding Internal Processes
  • Recognising External Expressions
  • Rapport Building
  • Active Listening
  • Creative intervention

Topics covered include:

  • Emotional literacy
  • Understanding the peculiarities of adolescent age
  • Traps and pit- falls
  • Self Empowerment of the teacher
  • Rapport Building
  • Active listening skills
  • Basics of Relationship Counseling
  • Mentoring adolescents